Our approach to fulfilling our mission and vision has four parts:

We IDENTIFY‘completely perished’ families through an annual census event (NTUKAZIME) conducted at meetings at the district/cell level where friends and neighbors who knew the family give a history of that family and their involvement with the community. We do this in a different province each year.

We REMEMBER those families by creating a documentary film about them that includes whatever pictures might be available  and showing where they lived, even if the house no longer is in place.

Additionally, we conduct “A Walk to Remember” where we review the history of the genocide in that area and view the documentaries that we have made of the ‘completely perished families’.

We ADVOCATE for the socio-economic needs of the survivors of the genocide  in the areas of education, poverty, health,  and shelter by developing proposals that address those issues and partnering with our government and NGO’s and by encouraging GAERG members to provide mutual material and moral support.

We EMPOWER our members and beneficiaries to be self-reliant through our various programs which are discussed  in the ‘projects’ section.We also are developing a strong survivors network by creating links between the student organization AERG and GAERG through activites of mentorship, presence at school celebrations of students, and social media networks such as Yahoo groups, a Facebook page and groups for each family, and Whatsapp.

Another way we empower our beneficiaries is through the formation of cooperatives and businesses which are discussed in more detail in the Projects section.

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