GAERG, is non-profit Organization bringing together former students who survived the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994 registered by Ministerial order no 03/08.11 of 17/11/2011

Historical Background

GAERG was created in September 2003 in The idea came in as former Members were leaving Universities and Higher learning Institutions, hence leaving AERG ( Association des Elèves et Etudiants Rescapés du Génocide) that they had created in 1996.

GAERG was created was due to the fact that once outside the campus, many other challenges were to be faced, including:

  • Staying together for a core mutual solidarity.
  • Facing together the competitiveness on the local labor Market
  • Shelter problems
  • Job crisis
  • Own family set up
  • Looking after Young Students still at Schools (left behind) by supporting AERG.
  • Contribute to the well being of these ones tending to or already dropping out due to lack of means.
  • Looking a way to be of a certain use to local Survival community.
  • Organize ourselves for Remembrance work

Main mission of GAERG

GAERG strives to ensure a dignified preservation of Tutsi genocide memory, capacity building through education and socio economic development and advocacy for beneficiaries, developing a strong survivor’s network and restoring families to overcome the post genocide consequences faced by Tutsi genocide survivors.

Organizational Vision

‘A world where the memory of genocide is preserved and a self-sustained genocide survivor’s community exists.’

Objectives: In order to accomplish the above mission ,the following objectives were set:

  • Strengthening the capacity of our members to cope with problems related to trauma, justice, security, and social economic problems.
  • Identify, and advocate for socio-economic problems faced by survivors of Genocide committed against the Tutsi by promoting GAERG members mutual material and moral support.
  • Educating people to fight against the revisionist views of genocide in Rwanda and elsewhere in the world.
  • Perpetuate the memory of Genocide, by collecting and conserving the testimonials and any other evidence of genocide in a secure and sustainable way for future generations.
  • Strengthening cooperation with other national and international organizations fighting for the same reasons as our organization without forgetting partnership with other organizations that fall in our goals.
  • Keeping, enhancing and increasing the production of the survivors of genocide  from their   properties

 Organisational Values

  • The organization is the strength of its motivated members and the root cause of its existence.
  • GAERG speaks out on occasions when there is a need to advocate for the needs of genocide survivors and prevent the case of genocide happening again.
  • The organization believes in a unified network and strengthened core unity of its members and partners for resolutions aiming at creating a peaceful society, existence of a respected Nation and fighting against the post genocide consequences.
  • GAERG aims at building self-dependency among its beneficiaries to give hope for a brighter future.
    The organization seeks to preserve the memory of Tutsi genocide.
  • GAERG seeks to be an engine for positive change among our community

Our Key Themes and Targets

  • Socio-Economic development
  • Preserving Memory of Genocide and fighting Genocide ideology
  • Capacity building
  • Advocacy

Kigali - Rwanda
Office: IBUKA House, Kicukiro - Bugesera Road
Mob: +250 788 665 620 / +250 788 402 804
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